Woo Woo Wednesday: Enchanting - your voice, your truth, your power


You must learn to sing your own praises, because if you don’t you will never believe others when they try. 

They will love you, they will tell you you’re great or beautiful or brilliant, they will do their damned best but they will never be able to compare to how sweet Truth sounds coming from your own fine lips.

Enchanting is a necessary and often abandoned skill set. It’s the ability to ask for what you want (and get it) without offending.  It’s the ability to set boundaries and hold them without ostracizing the people you love. It’s telling your story in real time with every yes, no, please, and thank you.  The nemesis of enchanting is “Quiet” (inside voices please, don’t  talk about THAT, if you haven’t got something nice to say….) and with quiet comes a whole set of chains: don’t rock the boat, don’t expose other people’s dark secrets, don’t draw un-necessary attention to yourself, don’t be one of those loud, vain, selfish braggadocios.  So you wait for someone to notice, someone to translate your silent actions into articulate validation that you can exchange for happiness.

Here’s a harsh truth, loves, happiness is not an award for good behavior.

Of course, you’ve probably already noticed this as you’ve ceaselessly checked boxes off of your to do lists, de-cluttered and minimized to within an inch of your life, cut everything that tasted good out of your diet,  and fought your way up the corporate ladder only to find you’re no closer to bliss.  You knew that the hustle treadmill wasn’t cutting it, couldn’t cut it, because you’ve always had the map to ecstasy inside you. It’s not like you were trying to ignore it, we’ve just been taught to make that voice Quiet. That way more powerful people, the ones who benefit from your obedience, can drown it out.

Your throat, your voice, is a gateway for possibility and I don’t just mean that in a metaphysical way I mean that LITERALLY.

You want a better love life? It’s all about voice (even if that voice is communicated through a series of signs with your hands) You must have the courage, the faith in yourself to ask for what you want. To share deeply of yourself and listen when your partner does the same.

 You want to make more money? Share your passion and speak your value, not just on a sales page but to everyone, all the time. No one will refer their friend to someone who maybe, kinda sorta does this thing, but you know, it’s not a big deal.

You just want the kids to leave you alone for thirty freaking minutes so you can get a nap? … You get the point.

You’re voice transmutes your wishes, your desires, your inner stories, when you speak with power you can make it all real.

So here’s a little game to help you remember how to do this (because we all start out knowing these things) Look at yourself in the mirror, say your name, and then list out every accomplishment you are proud of, every detail you love about yourself, everything that has shown you your own courage. Learn to sing your praises, because no one else can possibly get the tune just right. 

My name is Abi. I write music that brings people back from ledges, that inspires them through dark and light. I piece together broken hearts, and sometimes I re-break them so they set right.  I open doors to realities where everything feels possible. I’m a songwriter, a healer, and an enchantress, and I’m going to teach you to Howl.