Woo Woo Wednesday: Power Circles, Initiation, and Witch-y work habits


I've been creating rituals since I was about 9 years old. The shrubs in our front yard made a natural hide out where I could pretend to dry herbs and keep trinkets.  There I would mix pretend poultices and  compose chants and spells. I longed for a world with more mystery, more adventure, more possibility; a world which I eventually was able to access in my music. 


Since I've switched to this fancy new website I've been motivated to improve everything, which is how I ended up looking for a book on how to stage product photography. If you're a book lover, you know Half Price books is impossible to pop in and out of. I don't know how ANYONE can pop in and out of any book store without at least browsing. It just doesn't seem human. Scanning the New Age section I found this.




It's like returning to my little hollow in the shrubs as a pragmatic adult armed with the authority to create the experience of reality I craved.  Stacey Demarco has a very practical take on magic. There's a little bit on the psychology of the subconscious and how that forms the leans we view the world through, and there are even case studies.  It's does my pragmatic-ly mystical little heart good. There aren't a whole lot of rituals for the waning moon, but I've been doing this thing called Power Circles. Basically, you imagine a circle in front of you. You call up positive memories of feeling powerful, trusting yourself, and caring for yourself and you "fill" your circle with them. It's a brilliant way of being able to call up confidence when you most need it. 

Now that the the moon will be Waxing after the new moon on Wednesday, I'm going to be doing the initiation ritual from the book.  So much in my life seems to be lining up for a really positive transformation, and a little magic might just help push the process along in a positive way. In music, the things outside of my control are so glaringly obvious. It would be easy to get discouraged or become a work-a-holic if I didn't find ways to cope with the un-certainty. What's really amazing, though, is how adding a little bit of magic into mundane things makes me enjoy them more, whether that's cleaning house or doing my finances. 

Do you have any "woo woo" practices that positively enhance your life? Tell me about them in the comments.  

I'm sure I'll talk more about my initiation ritual during my free concert window show this Thursday. You can tune in for free at https://www.concertwindow.com/9285-abi-grace 6:00 pacific time. 

As always, lots of love.