If you Can't Say what's on your Heart

let me sing it insted


Music is used to mark some of the most important parts of our lives. I don't mean the ceremonies and their stuffy marches, but the myriad of little perfect human moments. Your first kiss. Teenage summers, tan legs and lemonade. Getting your heart broken. Finding the courage to fall in love. The soundtrack to your memories reminds you who you are, who you were, and who you wanted to and are still trying to be.

Super-mom, super-worker, super-financially savvy: there are a million kinds of perfect you feel you should be pulling off, but a good song reminds you nothing is as beautiful as being human. When your tongue is tied, when your heart is broken, when something is so perfect you don't know how to say it, let me sing it instead.




Imperfectly and other singles

by Abi Grace

Self released and recorded songs by Abi Grace 

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