Orpheous went into the underworld with a wink, knowing that not even Death is immune to a good tune

Remember this:

"when life starts to feel like an endless string of to do lists all you have to do is press play."


An anthem revs you up to walk into your boss's office and finally ask for that raise.  

A  love song revives the butterflies in your stomach long after you thought they were gone for good.

The blues are there for you (and they don't judge when you finish a bottle of wine on your own).


My philosophy is music should connect you with the increidble experience of being human, and that's what I aim to do with lyrics, vocals, and guitar.

The result is smart, gimmik free goodness.  

Who am I? you ask.

Just a woman who believes in bliss and knows how hard it is to find the courage to stick with it to the end.

I wrote my first song at five years old and then spent the next twenty actually trying to find ANYTHING ELSE to be good at.  I wanted that "here is how to make a living" check list SO BAD.  Then one day I realized that I had a choice: I could keep following other people's paths to success, or I could start creating one of my own. 

 Whether you're standing at your own cross road or already living the dream these songs belong to anyone craving the courage to strip off all of the layers of who they said you "should be" in order to free the person you are.  They will patch you up when your heart gets broken. They will keep you company when you feel like you're the only one. Most importantly, though, they will remind you what it feels like to be alive and wild and wonderfully, perfectly YOU.