Muse Ridden Monday: Sharp Teeth

Sometimes the origional idea for a song changes over time. That's the case with Sharp Teeth, which evolved over the course of multiple years.
 Initially I just wanted to write something smart, sexy, and a little edgy. I was reading about western Tantra at the time, which embraces kink in it's practice, and since 50 Shades of AbuseGrey was getting lots of attention at the time, I wanted to write something that talked about the push and pull of relationships without drifting into ugly territory.
I intentionally left a lot of "mystery" in the lyrics. It's not a story that progresses from one part to the other, rather it's a hymn of sorts,  a prayer that repetedly begs"When life is hard and I am tempted to shut myself away, to dim my light, and just accept that this is how the world works: don't let me"
Now when I sing the song, it's one of difiance. It's about being "unfuckablewith", because you've unlocked the alchemy of taking suffering and creating beauty with it. It's about reveling in the experience of being on this planet and being simultaneously angry and in utter extatic awe.
The songs change as I change, they evolve as I evolve, and their meaning is in no way dependent on my perspective. Did you pick up any of these themes in Sharp Teeth, or does it mean something completely different for you?  Let me know in the comments.
You can download sharp teeth from my bandcamp page