Muse Ridden Monday (delayed... because MLK day) Spark of Light, inspiration, and life purpose

Have you ever wondered what songwriter's think about when they write their songs? Here's your chance to get into my head and hear some of the stories, daydreams, and mental meanderings that turned into songs.

This week it's all about my song Spark of Light, an inspirational anthem type of song which is all about having the courage to chase dreams even when they lead you into dark scary places. There was a little bit about how cocoons seem cozy but really the caterpillar is being turned into goop before it becomes a butterfly that was edited out because it got too long, but is still relevant.

There you go, lovelies. I hope after that you are inspired to go forth and do extraordinary courageous things.

Let me know what you're dreaming up in the comments.



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