To My Body After Tour


Dear Body,

I meant to write this letter weeks ago right after our return, but as you know after so much intense socializing any form of communication sounded gross.  It was nice to take a few days to rest, play some Dragon Age, and be generally lazy with no obligations or time tables.  I hope you enjoyed that half as much as I did.  Now, however it is time for me to go back for work.   You, however, you deserve a break. 


First of all, THANK YOU.  Thank you for surviving off of not enough sleep, for sitting in a cramped packed full to the top van for hours with only a few aches, and for processing Taco John's, slush burgers, biscuits and gravy, multiple eggs and bacon breakfasts, and gas station cappuccino's galore without gaining a pound.  Also, tequila shots, whiskey and cokes, and so much beer.  You pulled double time and you deserve a break for it.

I know that detoxing isn't real, so instead this is kind of like a body vacation: Drinking lots of water, cutting out caffiene, and munching on all of the greens. Sleeping eight hours a night will be priority. Meditating and writing will happen if not daily, then regularly enough. You've had to pull more than your fair share, and it's time that was rewarded with extra care. 

And for the rest of you out there, remember that your body, your you, is deserving of care. In our business obsessed American culture, mistreating your self can be seen as a sort of badge of honor, but in the long run it negatively impacts your ability to show up and shine at your full wattage. Maybe we can't always be 100% all the time, but on occasion remember to give your body a break to let it recover from all the crazy delicious life you drag it in to. 

XOXO from Yakima,