I Didn't Come Here To Be good

Infact, I find "goodness" just a tad revolting.  Not genuine Goodness. I don't mean compassion, or generousity, or kindness, or thoughtfulness. I mean there is capitol letter Good and lower case letter good, and lower case letter good  is about following rules, many of which start with the word Don't.  Don't eat sugar. Don't eat meat. Don't curse. Don't think "low energy" thoughts. Don't drink. Don't. Don't. Don't. As if some higher being will descend and criticize you for getting dirt on your dress. 

Fuck the don'ts and Fuck being good. 

A few years back I wanted to write a song about not being good in a good way. Wild is way over used, I think, and it calls to mind too many tequila shots and photos appearing on the internet. Not a positive assosiation.  

Bad didn't really do it for me either.  "Are you a bad girl?" " Yeah, bad bad girl" Blech! 

Feral, though, feral is about being sepearate from the whole system. It's about acknowledging that we are all indocrtinated into this system, but we start off as something else, something more honest.  It's about instinct and intuition, being yourself in bold colors even when it means people will stare at you. It is what I make music to inspire: unabashed and commited authenticity.

 On a daily basis we are crushed, corrallled, and collared by the expectations of "good" while untamed expanses within call out for exploration. What parts of yourself crave expression, but you've been too afraid to express?