Better than Easy

On The Road (2).png

This love of life will split you open.

It will demand that you choose more, over and over.

It will not allow you to stay numb, but will instead gesture from the chasms of your heart where all that ache bubbles, molten, and say “do you trust me”.

It will burn away what you thought was real, it will burn away who you thought you were, it will burn away the old stories of what you are not allowed to have.

It will put you, again and again, at the crossroads of what you truly want and what you think you are allowed to want until finally you have the courage to start walking down the road to your bliss - even if everyone around you thinks you’re crazy, or arrogant, or delusional.

It will call you to grow, and growing HURTS. Growing is terrifying, even as it’s exhilirating and feels like a beautiful release. Growing means not staying in the known, in the seeming innocence of powerlessness, in the child like conciousness of trying to earn approval from OUT THERE.

This love will take you before you are ready.

This love will sweep you into something wild and awesome.

This love will not break you, but it will shatter your masks, and damn but that feels about the same.

This love is not tidy, it is not happy endings, it is not never hurting ever again.

This love is as feral as the planet it evolved on - it is a return to that spark of divine that animates mere matter.

This love ain’t easy - but it’s fucking necessary.

Abigail AndersonComment