You're Not Crazy! A pep talk for Career Off-roaders

You're Not Crazy!.png

The older I get, the more I start to identify with the crazy heroines of Holiday RomComs that kidnap, bribe, or hire a man to come home with them for the holidys.

Connecting with my extended family can feel like an Artistic Career report card, and since the markers I hold myself to for success are quite a bit different from what most people look for in success, it feels like a report card filled with F’s.

So I wanted to make a video filled with encouragement and the tips and tricks I’m using this year to honor my creative core and help focus on the love and the good memories I’d rather be making.

Do you go home for the Holidays? Do you have advice or tricks that you’ve used to enjoy the season instead of getting caught up in shame and insecurity?

Let me know in the comments <3

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