Magical Musical Oracle Live reading

Magical Musical Oracle Live reading


Get a live 5 card tarot reading (elements of the past, energy of the present, future forecast, currents of the subconscious, currents of the conscious) through Skype, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger video chat.

Send me a question in advance, then we’ll arrange a time for your video appointment to go over the meanings of the cards and how it could apply to your life.

Also includes a written PDF with an image of your reading and my interpretation of the cards, along with song suggestions to help you integrate or align with the best positive outcome.

Disclaimer: I am CLEARLY not a therapist or otherwise licensed to give you life, health, or legal advice. Approach the cards with a sense of playful curiosity and openness, and not the end say on how you should live your life or the choices you should make in it.

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