FEMUARY (A Playlist)


Hey internet friends, 

I love making playlists, especially themed playlists. I might even like it as much as I like writing songs.  I fall mad, man in love with each and every one of these songs and the artists that make them (and yes, one of those artists is The Feral Folk. A little self love is good, too)

Any how, I wanted February's playlist to be centered in feminine empowerment in it's many presentations.  With Valentine's Day this month that old myth that femininity requires balancing out, grounding, taming or settling through a partner rears its out dated an boring as hell head. 

It's like this Hallmark Holiday is ruled by Bizarro Cupid whose arrows sew insecurity instead of love, and it can all but KO you after all the romantic pressure of the Holidaze.  This playlist is the antidote that reminds you that you're relationship status doesn't define you. You're enough - no completion, taming, balancing, or fixing up required. 


Love you, 

Allie LaRoe

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