What I'm Listening To In Order To GET SHIT DONE

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I recently hopped back on to the 100% self employed wagon and it’s….intimidating. Generally, even though I’ve been doing it on and off now for almost a decade, I get freaked out about my ability to provide for myself.

I've got two big must haves - a day to figure out my schedule for the whole week is so important and a totally kick ass playlist.

Especially with the count down to the release of Small Death’s October 3rd, there’s more than usual that needs to be done within a certain time frame. Posters need to be printed, delivered, and posted. Blogs, playlists, and podcasts need to be reached out to. The mailing list needs updated, the weekly blog needs posted, and my tarot clients still need their readings on time.

It’s a LOT, and my secret for channeling my inner bad ass is this play list.

(Sorry, dudes, this is definitely a girl power playlist and may or may not have the intended soul revving effect)

Music is an incredible tool that helps me push out of my comfort zone, inspire myself, and challenge my internal narratives. When I’m starting to sink into self doubt, the right song really helps me fortify. It doesn’t change the situation, but it changes my reaction to the situation.

Like right now, I’m sending Small Deaths out to a bunch of different blogs, playlist curators, and podcasters, and the reality is not all of them are going to like the song. So what I need is a bit of “I don’t need approval” cockiness to help me get out of that anxious headspace. Really, all that matters is that I’m taking the steps to connect with people who WILL possibly like the music. That’s all you can do. Getting all messed up about how painful the inevitable rejections are going to be is just going to keep me small. So an aggressively confident playlist is just what the doctor ordered.

In other areas of my life, I might use music to set my intention (and through that intention, inspire action). Creating emotionally potent space is magic in and of itself. It’s like energetic incense. A playlist can make me resonate with coziness and contentment. I’ve got playlists for abundance, romance, health, and mental release. Whatever I need in my life, I summon through music.

More than just bringing in circumstances, though, music helps me intentionally create myself. It’s so easy to get knocked off course. We’re receiving thousands of messages a day from people, advertisements, media- you’re internal signal can get lost in the cacophony of “Be this. No this. No this”

Playlists like this one help me remember how it feels to vibe at my highest, most authentic level.

What would be on your ultimate get shit done playlist?

Oh hey! By the way, I’m now offering curated playlists as a service in the store.