Lean into all the feelings this Full Moon with this playlist.

I'm no astrologer, but I find it interesting. Kind of like tarot cards, there is an element of the archetypal within astrology that creates a sort of subconscious lens that can enhance the experience of the present and create avenues to better understand who we are.  For me, it doesn't matter if there is more emotional energy going around because the full moon is in Cancer as much as it is important to have a reminder to honor what is fluid and feminine within us.

As I've mentioned before, feeling feelings is not my forte, so if you're resisting the idea of prioritizing your emotions today just know I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.  Most of us have been taught that feelings are something that must be controlled and contained, that they are weak or volatile or less than our other mental faculties. Emotions are just part of how we process what is happening in our lives. Comparing our conscious thought to our feelings is like comparing sight to hearing. It doesn't make sense to rank them.

What's more, feeling your feelings doesn't have to mean sitting alone by yourself listening to Adele songs and feeling pathetic. It can be making sure you're actually giving yourself permission to feel good about what is good in your life. It can mean having a real live Pity Party with friends (because we've all been sad, or stuck, or betrayed, or angry before and it can be cathartic to share in it's release). It can mean dancing, or writing, or singing, or painting, or meditating, or having sex, or watching a sad movie and letting yourself empathize, or watching some really good stand up and laughing through your tears.  It's just nice to take some time to clear out the emotional palate.

So I made this playlist to help myself, because music and dance are my primary methods of honoring and expressing my feelings.  Maybe it will help you to.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer.

-Allie LaRoe

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