Old Songs like Old Friends

Do you have a favorite song that has changed it's meaning to you over time? Not just those songs that you didn't really get because you were too young to pick up on the innuendos, but some of your all time favorites? The ones that seem to grow with you?

Mercury is in retrograde until 26th, making this a great time to look back at the past and finish any unfinished business.  I'm using this opportunity as an excuse to go through all of the songs I've written in the last ten years and telling you a little more about them and how their meaning has changed.
Introducing Muse-ridden Monday, when I'll a little bit about my songs and why I wrote them, and then perform them for you.

If you like The Cycle you can find it HERE

What does The Cycle make you think about? Did you have an interpretation of it before, and if so did it change at all knowing what inspired it and how I think about it?