Sick of off the rack gifts that anyone could give?

 Are you a gift perfectionist who usually ends up giving your friends and family their “perfect” gifts sporadically throughout the year? Off the rack gifts that don't mean anything just don't do it for you, you want to give something deeply personalized that no one else can give. A commissioned song lets you co-create something intensely sentimental without taking up a ton of your time so you can spend more time enjoying the season instead of stressing out.  

When I write commissioned songs , it’s not about putting a check mark next to a particularly tricky name on the list. It’s about putting all the rich and wonderful emotions of your relationship at the forefront in a real, re-playable way.  

I can only do that for 9 people this Holiday season, and I want you to be one of them.  Let’s get started.

No matter what you celebrate, there is something about reaffirming our connections and sharing traditions with our communities that makes the dark, cold, wet months of Winter more bearable. I hope the emails of the last two weeks give you some inspiration for new ways to share what you feel with the people you love. Maybe that looks like sharing a special play list with your family at dinner on Thanksgiving, or just going out of your way to be more of a helpful presence in their life and if you’re ready to totally delight and surprise someone in your life with a commissioned song Click here .