The best thing you could give




Life’s big events are often the hardest to put words to.

“Congratulations” is safe, but it doesn’t really encompass all the obstacles overcome, the many hours of hard work, and the sleepless nights that lead up to Graduation.  “Get Well Soon” just feels really lame in the face of anything more server than a cold.  Even “I love you” looses it’s power over time.  It’s not that we become less passionate; rather our passions become more complex, more nuanced.  Don’t let the critical voices keep you from trying, though, because the special perspective you have to offer someone means more than you know.

Take Charles for example. He and his girlfriend were pretty new when he asked me to write a song for her. 


It would have been easy for Charles to second guess himself and decide on a more generic gift, but even though he had only been dating Grace a short time he was able to share his special understanding of who she was and how she wanted to exist in the world with me and we were able to make something really special for her.

So the moral of the story in songwriting and in life is: Don’t let your inner critic keep you from sharing how wonderful you think someone is. We all battle those little voices in our heads that tell us to turn down our light, and just knowing that someone else sees you as you are and as you want to be can be what really helps someone turn up their special kind of magic.

If your curious about how I make all these little puzzle pieces fit into a song send me an email at I'm always happy to answer any questions and give you a break down of how the process works. 

Always with love,