We've all got a song.

When it comes on the radio it changes the course of your whole day.

You danced to it at your wedding and now every time it comes on you and your husband lock eyes and share a secret look.

It reminded you that you weren't alone at the lowest points of your life.

You listened to it before the big interview that landed you your dream job.

Ordering a commission lets you give "that song" but with laser focus. Perfectly calibrated to the person and events it is constructed around.

_I commissioned a song for our 3 year anniversary ...My boyfriend LOVED it. It's a truly heart felt gift..png

Intrigued?  Here's the basics of what you need to know before we get started on your song.


What's the process of getting a song commissioned?

  • It starts with a conversation on skype or on the phone. I want to get to know you and the person the song is for as best as I can. I often look for memories and anecdotes that I can include so that the song is in your own words as much as possible. After I get a good sense of what I'm writing I record a low quality draft and send you the lyrics so that you can give me a sense of if I'm on track or not. I'll re-write a song from scratch up to three times so that I can really make sure I'm saying what you want to say but usually I nail it on the first try. After the draft is approved I go on to record a high quality version for you to share as the gift.

How much does it cost? 

  • Song prices range from $150 - $900 depending on what you would like. Maybe a quick acoustic sketch is all you need, no re-writes or second drafts required. Maybe you want a multi-instrumental masterpiece to walk down the isle to at your wedding that has to be just perfect. Whatever you have in mind, I can sit down and talk with you to create exactly what you want with the budget you can afford.


Will my song be shared with other people or used by you as a performer?

  • Your song is just for you. Unless you've given me explicit permission I won't share it with my audience or perform it.

How long will it take for me to get my finished song?

  • It depends on how many times I have to draft the song, but a commissioned song can take anywhere from a week to a month to complete.

What if I don't like it?

  • I want you to feel 200% confident that your song is as awesome as is humanly possible, so I will re-write the whole thing up the three times until we get it just right. Usually I don't have to re-write the song from scratch, though. Instead I'll take notes, tweak lyrics, and smooth out anything that doesn't work for you until you are completely over the moon excited about your song. 

What kind of song can I commission?

Your song can take whatever form you want it to. Love songs are the most common, but I have written birthday songs, get better soon songs, condolence songs, and congratulations songs. The songs that go over best are usually cenetered around what you know would be most meaningful for the person you’re planning on giving the song to. If they are


I played (her song) on her birthdaywhile sitting in the car and she was so awed and humbled she began to cry.It was a truly unique and special gift. Charles C. (1).png


Because songs take some time to write, make sure you give plenty of time before you plan on giving or sharing your song, especially if you plan on sharing it publicly.

Commissioned songs are truly personalized, they are a memorable and unique way to celebrate life and honor what is wonderful about the people you love.

Give a moment.

Give a feeling.

Give a song.

Use the form below to tell me more about the song that your heart is longing to share.

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