The artist is the only one who knows that the world is a subjective creation, that there is a choice to be made, a selection of elements
— Anais Nin

A veteran of the Seattle songwriter scene, Allie (who formerly performed under the name Abi Grace) has performed everywhere from small town taverns to the swanky W Seattle hotel, to Microsoft offices and large conferences. She's had music featured on public television and in a number of independent films. Compared to Conor Oberst and Ani DiFranco for her adept lyricism and passionate performance style, Allie performs with her band, The Feral Folk, and is also available for solo shows.


The daughter of two ministers, Allie grew up in a house hold in which literal meaning and symbolic meaning were seen as equal. She is fascinated by the way that music allows humanity to explore and make peace with inner truths as well as the mysterious and unexplainable. Her lyrics are rich in semi-mystical symbolism while retaining a true to folk accessibility.